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Precast Compound Wall vs Traditional Brick Wall

Earlier days bricks were considered to be the best choice for compound walls to easily work with it and now the precast compound walls are gaining much of attention for a better design. Precast compound walls are available in various sizes, shapes, designs, colors which creates a classic building design, which not only looks elegant but also saves time to construct. Below are some of the reasons why the precast compound walls are chosen over traditional brick walls:

  • Traditional Compound walls

  1. Traditional compound walls are made from clay and some heating techniques, its durability depends upon the quality of plaster used while preparation.

  2. The construction of a traditional wall (around 100mtr) takes at least 7 days to construct and another 7 days for water curing for which we need lengthy installation and hard labor process.

  3. In terms of materials and construction processes, the traditional brick wall construction is very expensive.

  4. The traditional brick walls are not as strong as precast compound walls its 150mm thick brick masonry can be easily broken with ordinary hand tools.

  5. If brick walls are constructed in the regions where there is a moist climate, they can easily get damaged by that kind of climate.

  6. In case of any failure during construction, we need to create almost a new compound.

  7. The traditional brick wall’s long-lasting property depends on the quality of the thickness, quality of sand, and the art of workmanship, which makes it weak in nature.

  • Precast Compound walls

  1. Precast compound walls are made from concrete and steel materials which are heavy and durable compared to traditional brick walls.

  2. The erection of a 100mtr compound wall takes about 2 days which drastically reduces the time required to construct a wall.

  3. Compared to traditional brick walls these walls are cost-effective and provide long-lasting life.

  4. These walls consist of high tensile wire at every 75 mm distance and can be cut only by mechanical means.

  5. Precast walls are resistant to mold, fire, and moisture and have no effects on them.

  6. In case of any failure during construction, only a few columns might be affected so we can replace those panels only. By doing minor repairs panels can be reused.

  7. The precast panels provide high security. The panels are manufactured by the high tensile reinforced wires with high-grade concrete so it can be break by mechanically.

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