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A different approach, using a new method of Construction.

We are implementing “Precast technology”, we will be hand holding you from conceptual planning to installation and our team of experts would be involved with all activities related to precast building construction.  

A company known across India for providing the turnkey solution for setting up complete new plants for manufacturing and process industries since (2015*).
With expertise in the latest precast technology, “Ahura Builders” aims to provide end to end the solution, right from conceptual planning to installation, with constant involvement of our team of expert.


Using groundbreaking perception-Pre Cast technology, with precision and safety of  our clients,  Building on quality. Delivering concrete results.


Our projects are conceptualized with a holistic design approach where not just aesthetics meet performance at the onset but all elements ranging from water resilience to waste management to rain water harvesting to non-motorized transit corridors are planned upfront such that we are able to operate in the most sustainable manner.

The Sewage treatment plant at our projects treats potable water. In order to reduce the dependence on potable water and be more water resilient across projects we have large scale STPs (which are more energy efficient), this treated water is then used for irrigation and flushing purposes saving huge amount of potable water needs.

This has led to conservation of approximately 7000 million liters of potable water per year.

Waste management systems and processes are pivotal across Ahura Builders projects and special focus is given towards efficient waste management. 


Building a better life, shaping a sustainable future for every home buyers. 

Aiming for a zero carbon future is the need of the hour. Currently, buildings account for 35% of energy consumption in India and this number is growing. Companies like us can lead the change to help to reverse this increase.


The opportunity is significant especially when read with the estimates that the urban infrastructure in India will see a doubling of size in this decade. In India, the real estate sector provides maximum job creation and GDP multiplication driving the economic growth in the country.


Over 250 ancillary industries such as cement, steel, brick, timber, building materials etc. rely on the industry. Therefore, decarbonising the building's portfolio also drives sustainability in the industries’ upstream and downstream of the value chain.

Eliminating the carbon emissions across supply chain along with the operational carbon emissions is the key to not only help India meet Paris Climate Agreement targets, but to also make a meaningful impact on Climate Change.